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Over 15 years working in & with Service Industry

I've had a fantastic relationships with my clients. This partnership has extended over large scale quarterly campaigns to simple one and done mailers. GOMINGO can help to build tv commercials, online and direct mail campaigns.

  • Salem's Storefront in Tampa, FL
  • Salem's Storefront in Tampa, FL
  • Salem's Memorial Day Wing Campaign in Tampa, FL
  • Salem's NBA Online Campaign in Tampa, FL

Online Loyalty

Salem's Gyros & More approached us to work with Aloha POS systems to help brand their online oredering systems. GOMINGO provided a new User Interface to help tie in the online ordering system with Salem's brand. After we made adjustments to the Aloha Ordering system, the online ordering flow received a
98% Easy-To-Use Rate
from a survey that came directly from Salem's customers. Which also led to huge increase in online ordering and to a $30 per order average.

Salem's Online ordering system in Tampa, FL